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Related article: Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 15:40:31 -0700 From: Subject: Chapter 4 of "Affair of a Foreign Nature" by Hans SchreiberAffair of a Foreign Nature Chapter 4 Fun, Fun, OMG I awoke while it was still dark. My internal clock was all mixed up. I powered up my phone and saw it was 5:55 local time. I thought it was funny that it was all fives. I was glad it wasn't three sixes, but that would be impossible, of course. Karl was still sleeping. I'm not sure what woke me. Maybe having napped earlier or being in a strange bed or most likely the killer headache I had. I felt awful and hoped I wasn't getting the flu or something. That would really ruin my vacation. I needed to pee badly and had a partial boner. As my eyes adjusted, I could see Karl sleeping on his back next to me. I remembered we had gone to bed naked. I peeked to see if he was making a tent in the comforter. I couldn't really tell if he was or not. I rolled onto my right side and slowly, stealthily slid my left hand toward him. Then I chickened out and pulled it back. My heart was pounding. Again, I slid it carefully toward him and ever so slowly rested it on his warm chest. I held it there gentle like and watched for any reaction. If he woke, I would just fake being asleep. I was nervous. I wondered if he could feel my hand trembling. After a full minute without any reaction, I slid my hand below his ribcage and onto his firm abs. I paused again and looked for any reaction. Still nothing. I'd dreamed about doing something like this since I first saw him naked last summer. I took a deep breath. My own dick was totally boned now. I was excited and nervous. Cautiously, I inched lower until my fingertips felt the soft brown pubes on the side of his dick. I rubbed my fingers through them softly waiting again for any reaction. There was still nothing but deep, steady breathing. I bravely reached out further and my fingers bumped up against his soft dick. I didn't pause this time; I moved lower and gently brushed over his silky soft penis, over the skin covered ridge of his dickhead, and on down to the small blob of skin hanging over the tip. I softly pinched the blob between my thumb and fingers. My dick was throbbing. My breathing was in short gasps. As I slipped off the dick and downward onto his soft, sagging, ball sac, Karl stirred. I held my breath and jerked my hand quickly away. Karl grunted and rolled away from me toward the window. I held perfectly still, barely breathing for several minutes. Finally, I decided I hadn't been detected and carefully slipped out of bed. I grabbed my boner and gave it a couple of strokes. I put my robe on and tip-toed to the bathroom. I looked through the cabinets for some aspirin or ibuprofen. I remembered mom put some in my backpack for the flight, so I went into the closet where I had left it. I searched several pockets until I found it next to my condoms. I went out to the kitchen nook and found a glass. I pulled some juice from the little fridge and had to figure out how to open the box it was in. Finally, I had some apple juice and ibuprofen. On the counter was the cake that Frau Baumgartner had made for me. I cut a piece and put it on a plate and refilled my glass of juice. By now, my boner had shrunk, so I went in and peed a river. While peeing, I noticed the spy camera and got an idea. I shook off and closed my robe. I grabbed the spy camera and went back to my pack and retrieved my Mac. I lit the fire, retrieved my cake and juice, sat on the couch and powered up. I untangled my earbuds and plugged them in. I opened the deodorant case and pulled out the USB wire. After it was plugged in and powered up, I selected the most recent video. "YES!" I exclaimed. Karl slipped into the frame completely naked and all boned up. I just barely got the important part of the action in the right edge of the frame. I needed to move the camera just a little bit more toward the wall to center it, but it was showing me what I really Preteen Nude wanted to see. Karl sat on the edge of the toilet and leaned against the wall with both legs outstretched in front of him. He reached between his legs and fondled his large balls with his left hand and using his fingers and thumb of his right hand, peeled down the hood of skin covering his dickhead. I started boning up again under my robe as I intently watched. Karl leaned up and hovered over his dick and aimed. He let a string of spittle drip down onto his exposed dickhead. Then he gripped his nice thick boner in his full hand and began stroking it. He took five or six rapid strokes then slowly pulled the skin all the way down until it tugged against his bright red dickhead. He held it there for a couple seconds before giving it another five or six quick strokes. After each pause, he gave a little grunt before resuming the fast jacking motion. I could hear his shortened breathing pattern as he progressed. After about four times following that pattern, he started jacking it fast and steady. I heard the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, and he was blowing air out of his mouth in short puffs in time with the stroking motion. Suddenly, he pulled the skin all the way down and held it tight. He stiffened all over and cried out "Ach Mensch!" A shot of white cum blasted out of his dick clear up out of the frame onto his upper chest. He relaxed a moment then stiffened again for a second blast. He stroked it slowly as more cum bubbled out of his fleshy spout. At the end, he squeezed the last of it out of his tubing and from the pointy spout of skin. Then, he lifted his cum covered hand out of the frame, and I supposed he lifted it up to his face to smell it or maybe even taste it. Then he reeled off some toilet paper and started wiping up. I was stroking my dick and wanted to cum from watching him do it, so I restarted the video. I was stroking myself and just getting to the good part where he started slapping it fast and blowing out the puffs of air, when I was startled by Karl's voice, "Ach, zere you are. What are you doing?" I jumped and slammed down the lid of the Mac book. "Uhh, I was just uhh, answering some emails. He looked at me suspiciously but didn't press me. "Ja, I zink you are doing zomezing else," he snickered and winked. "Hey, would you get me some more apple juice, please. I opened a box of it this morning." I hoped that would distract him long enough to log out and stash the camera. It worked. My boner had already shrunk and was covered back up when he brought me my juice. "We can go to ze restaurant for breakfast, zen we should get John to his lesson by nine o'clock," suggested Karl. He brought me a glass of apple juice as I stuffed the camera into the pocket of my robe. "If you are finished wiz your emails, we should wake ze ozers. Are you going to make a shower?" "Uh, no, I'll shower after we finish riding. No point now. By the way, this cake your mom made is balls good. I love the cherry filling in the middle of it. She's an awesome cook." "Ja, I think so also." We went in to wake the other two boys and when John realized he was entangled with Heinrich, he reacted nervously by pulling quickly away and snatching the comforter up over his bare chest. "Sleep Preteen Nude good?" I asked. "Umm, yes," John said. "That's good," I said standing there. "Did you two have fun playing last night?" He gave me the deer in headlights stare, then said, "Yeah, we played FIFA. Heinrich is pretty good at it. He won most of the games," John said. "Cool. Did you play anything else?" I asked. I was being merciless on him. I was totally laughing to myself inside. Karl stood behind me trying not to laugh. "Nuh, uh," answered John looking away from me. "So just FIFA?" "Yup." "FIFA, as in Fuckin In Friend's Ass?" I said laughing. Karl doubled over and John scowled. Heinrich had stirred by now and looked equally, if not more, uncomfortable than John did at our presence. Karl instructed his little brother using that big brother tone of superiority "Get up and get out of your pajamas so we can go to breakfast." "Yeah, both of you need to get up now, so we can get you to your lesson on time," I added as I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers. I turned away and pulled them on under my robe. "Okay, we'll get up when you guys leave," Heinrich said. "Why so shy?" I asked and added, "You were in the hot tub last night with us naked, so what's the big deal about us seeing you in your pajamas?" I could see the distress on their faces as they struggled to come up with a legitimate reason not to get out of bed. "I need to talk to John in secret for a minute," Heinrich said. "What about?" Karl asked. "It's a secret, stupid head," Heinrich shot back. Karl flashed with an angry look, "Watch your mouth, Scheisskopf." The last thing I wanted was for this to end in a battle. I had an idea. "I'll be right back. Nobody move." I ran into the bathroom and retrieved my socks from the trash can and pulled them quickly on. I made sure the big toe was sticking out and ran back to the bedroom. I stopped at the foot of it and wiggled it at John and said, "The tickle toe monster says it's time to get out of bed!" Karl and Heinrich looked at me like I was crazy. John's eyes widened and he shrieked, "NO!" Clutching the comforter tightly under his chin, he said, "You promised no more tickling without me saying okay." "Ahhh, that's right, but I never said anything about Heinrich," I said grinning. I grabbed the comforter and tossed it up and jumped into the bed and pushed my toe up to Heinrich's ribs and started wiggling it against him. "Stop! Stop!" squealed Heinrich. He began squirming and evading me. Soon, everyone was laughing. As he squirmed and wiggled until my toe landed in his crotch and I felt his soft, little ball sac, and he really squealed when that happened. I purposely went after that spot a couple more times following that. In the confusion of the attack, I grabbed a fistful of the comforter and slung it off and away from them. Both boys cried and scrambled to opposite edges of the bed. "Aha!" I said. "No wonder they didn't want to get up. We have a couple gay little nudie boys." "Ja, FIFA players, no?" Karl said barely getting it out before bursting into laughter. Once the laughter died down, I pulled the socks back off and tossed them in the trash can. John had managed to retrieve a pair of clean boxers and Heinrich had run out with his hands covering his small goodies. "I am so burning those socks tonight," John said grinning. "The toe monster must die." We all dressed quickly after that and headed for breakfast back at the main hotel. It was really good. We had hard rolls with butter and different jams on them. We had yogurt and a small bowl of something called muesli with granola, oats, nuts, raisins and brown sugar in it. It was really good. While we were eating, I asked Heinrich if he had a nickname since Heinrich seemed like a hard name to say. He smiled and said, "Ja, my mutti calls me Heiny." I sprayed apple juice across the table as I broke out Preteen Nude laughing. I grabbed my napkin and looked at John who was laughing with me. Karl and Heiny looked at us perplexed. "Sorry, it's just that Heiny in English is a slang word for a little kid's bum." Karl seemed delighted to hear that news. "Perfect!" declared Karl. "From now on, I'm calling you 'Little Bum' Heiny." "Du bist bloed!" said Heiny angrily. "Okay, you two - no fighting," I said. "Let's get going." "Ja, hurry and finish your muesli, Little Bum," prodded Karl. Heiny was glaring at his brother. "Karl, please don't start anything. Let's just have fun together," I pleaded. He just shrugged. On the way back to the villa, Karl and I fell back a bit as the other two raced each other for bragging rights. "Hey, Karl, you know how my big brother is a lot older than me, kind of like you and Heiny are? I know sometimes I would bug him, and sometimes he'd get really mad at me for it. It always made me way sad when he did. I was just being a dumb kid and didn't mean to make him mad. It really hurt my feelings when he got mad though. Don't be too hard on Heiny when he gets annoying, okay?" "Were you sad when he Preteen Nude left for college?" "I didn't think I would be. I thought I'd be glad to have everything to myself. Now my brother's gone, I really miss him a lot. He says he misses me too, and we both wish we'd been better friends to each other. I mean, you can do what you want, but I'm just saying it seems like you're a little hard on Heiny sometimes." Karl snickered. "What?" I asked. "You just said I was a little hard on Heiny." Karl snickered again. "Only Heiny has Preteen Nude a little hardon." "OMG, dude. That was a lame one." "Ja, Ja, okay. I understand what you are meaning. I will try better," Karl promised. When we got in the room, John and Heiny were almost fully dressed in their riding gear. Karl and I hurried and suited up, grabbed our boards and climbed the small ridge outside our villa and strapped into our boards. John and Heiny were already headed down the slope to the main lift area. John didn't look that bad on the board. He wasn't like a total beginner. Heiny was carving enough to stay even with him so he wouldn't leave him behind. I took the chance to point out to Karl how nice Heiny was being to John. I was so freakin' excited to be boarding. I loved it. I loved the thrill of speeding down the hill, carving back and forth, getting air and pulling off tricks. Preteen Nude I loved pushing myself to the edge of my ability without crashing. I always wanted to try something new or to do an old trick a little better. It's actually good my rents insist on me wearing a helmet or I could have died a couple times. I was glad to see Karl and Heiny wearing helmets too. I was sort of worried about looking dorky if they didn't. We got John and Heiny set up with the lesson along with the Prime Minister's grandson, Antonio Luca Bartolini. When we were introduced, it was sort of like looking into a mirror. It was almost freaky. Antonio had a roundish face with olive complexion and jet black hair with a natural curl to it. I was on the small side for my age and he was a bit on the large side for twelve making us similar height. I was taller but not by that much. He had the same small nose and dark, penetrating eyes as me. He had a small mouth like mine with a quick, but shy smile. He had one thing I didn't have, and that was a massive body guard, Giordano. Well, make that two things - he also had a billionaire grandfather. Little Antonio is the only son of the only son of Antonio Marco Bartolini, the billionaire, turned politician, who is the Prime Minister of Italy. Antonio is the intended heir to the dynasty and is being groomed for that purpose. His sisters were there also but they were taking skiing lessons instead of boarding. He spoke good English and John and Heiny got along well with him right away. Once they were all sorted out and on their Preteen Nude way up the bunny hill with their instructor, Karl and I headed to the main lift. It was a high speed lift and took us up to the midway spot where we caught a second lift to the top. I stepped on my stomp pad and guided my board to the right when we exited the lift. Karl and I plopped down in the snow and strapped our back boots into our boards. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was excited and nervous to be going down this black diamond run. It was steep and had a skiff of powder from overnight flurries. "This is gonna be so balls," I said after strapping in and popping up. "Ja, let's go." Karl was amazing. Even on the steep hill with the moguls, he could drop in straight and get flying before he would start carving off speed. He could carve so deep that he could actually touch the uphill side of the snow with his outstretched hand. I had to constantly carve my way back and forth over the moguls to keep from hitting speeds that were over my ability to handle. Soon though, I was following his example and dropping straight down a little longer each time and carving a bit deeper. Karl could pop off a mogul and whip around 180 degrees from regular to goofy. I've done that often enough off rails and boxes but not really just of moguls. He seemed to float over the snow as though not even in contact with it, flowing gracefully and effortless. He was careful to slow up and make sure he wasn't ditching me. The further along we went, the more at ease I became and relaxed more and more. Snowboarding is all about being loose and flowing. Toward the end of the upper black diamond section, I attempted a 180 off a mogul and didn't quite get around, catching an edge. I was propelled forward going pretty fast. I'd crashed enough to know not to put my hands out and risk a broken wrist, so I pulled my arm in, dipped my shoulder and rolled into the impact. I tumbled a little ways, skidding to a stop face down in the snow. I lay there long enough to determine I hadn't broken anything and then lifted my legs and swung them to the downhill side and rolled onto my butt. Karl called up to me from his spot below, "Are you okay?" "Yeah. I'm okay," I responded with a wave, "just my neck and shoulder is kind of sore." I pulled my gloves off and brushed the snow from my face and rubbed my neck. I found my iPod cord and plugged it back into the speakers in my helmet to get the tunes flowing again. I pushed myself up and rode down to Karl. "Zat was a good one." He laughed now that he could see I wasn't seriously hurt. "Glad I could entertain you." I joined in the humor of it. I'm not sure why seeing someone crash is so entertaining. I only wish I had it on video so I could watch it myself. "Let's head down to the board park," I suggested. "Okay, follow me." Karl put his goggles on and took off down the hill. I followed behind and we cut over to a second area and caught another short lift that dumped us at the entrance to the board park. It was amazing. No, it was fuckin' balls on fire. Karl could do the sickest tricks ever. I'd never ridden a half pipe before since the California resort I go to all the time doesn't have one. Karl could fly out of the top of the pipe and do a full 360 before dropping back into it and over to the other side. I crashed a few more times until I finally mastered a 180. Then it got really fun. I wanted to do it over and over. Karl's best trick was to come out of the pipe, do like a hand stand on the edge, and flip over backward into the pipe. I wasn't even going to attempt anything like that. There were some balls jumps and I was getting sick air off them. I even pulled off a 360 on the biggest one that gave you a lot of hang time. It was a perfect day. The morning fog burned off and the sun was shining. Karl insisted that I put on sunblock twice. He was fanatical about not getting burned. I wondered if John and Heiny were protecting themselves. With sunblock, I mean. After a couple hours, I got a little lightheaded from the altitude, I guess. I had to take a break. I got winded faster too from the thin air. But I was having soooo much fun, I only sat out one run while Karl did another black diamond through the trees. I wasn't sure I wanted to try that anyway. Finally, around two o'clock, we headed into the lodge for something to eat. I got a large bowl of soup and some kind of dark bread Karl said was good. I grabbed a Ritter Sport candy bar, OMG, and an apple. Karl just waved at the cashier as we walked around the line of people waiting to pay. So freakin' cool! The soup was amazingly good and the hot soup felt really nice in my belly. Once I was full, I was suddenly soooo tired and my shoulder and neck were stiffening up. One minute I was telling Karl how balls he was in the pipe and the next minute he was shaking me awake. I had actually fallen asleep on the table. Karl cleared our table and walked with me down to the big orange snow cat that shuttled me back to the villa. "Dude, I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm so tired. I thought I was in better shape." Karl laughed and said, "It's jet lag. At your home it is, umm ..." he crinkled his brow and calculated, "four o'clock in ze morning. I remember how difficult for me zere to adjust to ze time." "Oh, wow; that's it I guess. It sucks though, I wanna keep riding." "Ja, naturlich, but go to sleep now und I will come wake you for ze night runs." I nearly fell asleep again riding the short distance to the villa in the shuttle. I grabbed my board and sort of sleepwalked into the villa. I dumped my board in the closet and sat down to pull off my boots. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I climbed out of my coat and pants and flannel shirt. I took off my t-shirt and socks and was down to my boxers. I took a quick pit stop and wavered in front of the toilet until I forced out a small stream of pee. I walked into the bedroom and saw a lump in the bed. I pulled back the comforter and looked at the mostly naked body of John sleeping soundly in his boxers. I rubbed my hand along the back of his leg and up under the seam of his boxers. His skin was so soft and smooth. I liked the feeling of how his nice round butt rose up from his legs into a nice mound. He was so completely wiped out, he didn't react at all to my touch. I thought about trying to roll him over and play with his dick a little bit, but I was too tired myself. Instead, I pulled off my boxers, climbed over the top of him, pulled his boxers off, and snuggled up against him. I pressed myself against his warm body and pulled the comforter up over both of us then fell into unconsciousness. Karl woke us by blaring oom-pah music on the radio in the bedroom. I blinked my eyes open to find a fleshy pink digit of some sort directly in front of my face. As I returned to conscious thought, I realized it was attached to the size 7 foot of my little friend, John. On one of my crazy impulses, I leaned up and sucked it into my mouth and nibbled on it. I laughed hard as John jerked away and squealed. It seems he had contorted himself completely upside down in the massive bed. Karl joined in the laughter and suggested we hurry and get up so we could get a couple hours of night skiing in. We jumped out of bed and scurried to get dressed. "Do you Americans always sleep naked, or are you two nudists?" Karl asked jokingly. All the while we dressed, John filled me in on his adventures with the snowboarding lessons. He was chattering nonstop about how much better he was now and how cool Antonio was to be with. He told me that Heiny was trying to get him to come over to our villa and hang out with us but he had to ask his grandpa, the Prime Minister. We strapped in and headed back to the ski lift. John agreed to go to an intermediate hill with us and we all rode up together. John did okay and we did several runs with him before he decided he would go back to the villa and then try to find Heiny and Antonio. I think he realized he was holding Karl and me back, even though we didn't complain at all. We followed John over to the shuttle snow-cat and just before it took off, John jumped back out and grabbed his board. "Guys, wait up!" Preteen Nude he called after us. When he caught up, he was winded and between huffs, he explained, "I saw one of those guys." "What guys?" Karl asked. "Those BAS guys your dad was talking about. He was in the back row and leaned forward over the seat to look at me when I was climbing in and he pulled himself forward to do it and his sleeve went up his arm a little. And I saw the tattoo!" "Are you sure?" I asked, "Maybe it was just a similar tattoo. Why would they be here?" "No, I'm sure of it," insisted John. His voice was shaking and fear was in his eyes. "It just doesn't make any sense. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe he's just here skiing and it doesn't mean anything," I said trying to calm him down. I didn't really believe it myself and John wasn't buying it either. "Don't leave me alone. What if they really are trying to kidnap me?" John started crying. "I wish my dad would come." "Okay, relax," Karl said. "Let's go talk with my fazer." We went back to the shuttle stop and waited for the return of the shuttle. When it arrived, John peered in the windows and shook his head. "No, he got off; he's not in there." We boarded and rode to our villa. We quickly stashed our boards and stripped back out of our gear, donned our regular coats and trekked toward the main hotel. Fortunately, we found Karl's father in the lobby, meeting with some craftsmen about a repair. He could sense our impatience and asked us to go to their apartment behind the front desk. We waited in the library where I pulled the history book back out and read again about the BAS terror organization. I was wishing that I had my laptop with me to do some more current research. I rubbed my sore neck and shoulders. At last, Herr Baumgartner came into the room. "What do you boys need?" He asked, "You seemed very impatient." "Vatti," Karl began, "John thought he saw one of the BAS men on the shuttle just ..." "No," interrupted John, "I don't think I saw; I'm sure I saw one. He had the same tattoo on his arm as the guy on the plane and the guy who tried to grab me in the airport. Plus, he was trying to get a good look at my face, like he was making sure it was me." Karl's father sat down and was quiet for a few moments. "Yes, well. I'm not sure what to make of zat. Preteen Nude I zink it would be prrrudent to contact ze polizei." John and I looked toward Karl. "Polizei means police," he explained. "Good," John and I both said it at the same time. It was a huge relief to hear the idea of getting the police involved. "Perhaps you should stay in ze hotel instead of ze villa tonight," suggested Herr Baumgartner. "What if you just increase the security patrol?" Karl asked, hoping not to have to come back home. "Ja, is probably nozing to worry about rrreally," Herr Baumgartner said, "Maybe just a coincidence." His reassurance didn't really make us believe it any more than when I had said it. I rubbed my neck and shoulder and groaned softly. "What is ze matter, David?" "I hurt my neck snowboarding today. I'm really stiffening up." "Ach, schade," Herr Baumgartner sympathized and suggested, "Ze Kur Spa is just closing, I can call und arrrange for a massage for you, if you would like zat?" "Yeah, sure!" I jumped on that wagon immediately. "What about John and I, Vatti, can we get one also?" Karl asked shooting a look toward his father that I assumed was his version of my own lost puppy look when I wanted a favor from my parents. "Ja, massages for all; it will help you all rrrelax a bit from all zis," he pronounced and dialed a code on his cell phone. "Zey are waiting for you. I will alert security zat you will need extrrra patrrrols by your villa for a few days. Keep your eyes open und if you see anyzing, let me know. I will call ze polizei now." He got up and headed for his office. We smiled and jumped up, looking forward to a massage. When we arrived at the spa, it was locked up for the night. Karl took us around to the back and opened a door with his key. "Hallo, wir sind da!" He called out into the darkness. There was a dim light at the far end of the long hallway. Our rubber-soled shoes squeaked on the marble floors as we walked. Even in the dim light I could tell this was a fancy place. A loud "click" sounded behind us and we all jumped and cried out simultaneously. Wheeling around, we Preteen Nude realized it was just the sound of the door latching behind us. We laughed nervously in relief. Each time we approached an adjoining dark corridor, we hesitated and peered around the corner before scurrying past the ominous opening. "Hallo?" Cried Karl again. No answer in return. "I don't understand, Vatti said zey were waiting for us." My heart rate increased. What if the BAS were in here. What if we had walked into a trap. "Maybe we better turn around and leave," I suggested. "Yeah, maybe we should," agreed John right away. "Naja, let's go to ze lighted room; zen, if no one is zere, we will leave." We trudged on. There were large wooden doors along the corridor with gold lettering on them alerting the passerby what lay behind. They were written in German, Italian and English. The last one we passed was the door to the mud and salt baths. I was curious about those. As we reached the lighted doorway, Karl peered into the room. "HALT!" A loud male voice from behind us commanded. Again, we shrieked and spun around. A man in a dark coat was shining a flashlight in our eyes and holding a radio in his other hand. "Es ist Karl," the man said into the radio. "Ach, du hast mich ganz uberasccht!" Karl exclaimed. "Ich hab fast meine Hose gepinkelt." The security guard laughed. Recognizing John and I, he responded to Karl in English. "Sorry. I wouldn't want to be responsible for making ze boss' son pee his pants." Then added, "What are you doing in here?" "My fazer arranged for us to get a massage after closing," explained Karl, "but where is everyone?" The guard called on the radio and found out the massage therapists had misunderstood and gone to our villa to give us our massages in our rooms. The security supervisor called back and told the guard to let us know they were returning and we should go ahead and get ready for their return. We could start in the mud baths if we liked. I jumped all over that offer and the guard unlocked the door for us. Karl led us to the locker room where we stripped naked, and Karl knew right where to retrieve some robes for us. The guard opened the door to the bath house section then disappeared down the hallway. We started with a shower and then stepped into the unbelievably soothing, bubbling mud pots. The mud was slick and grey. It felt amazing as the warm, heavy mud bubbled and pressed on our naked bodies. It squished between my toes and butt crack. It felt really weird oozing around my privates. I looked around the awesome room. The floors were all made of decorative rock and there was a waterfall fountain in the corner. In the center was an oblong pool with a statue of a naked woman holding a vase that had water pouring out of it into the pool. There were white sculptures trimmed in gold leaf all around the room. You could see out onto the white snow and the mountain bathed in moonlight, but the windows didn't allow anyone to see back inside. We rinsed off after a bit and moved to the salt baths. I had a small cut on my shin from falling off a box on the board park earlier and the salt water stung for a bit. The masseur and masseuses came in and I was blown away at the sight of them. "Holy Balls," I muttered. Preteen Nude Standing before me were two knockout gorgeous Euro chicks and a ripped, handsome, dark haired man. Frieda, Gerta and Peter were not even close to what I had imagined. They were clearly hired for more than just their massage abilities; they were also amazing eye candy. I guessed some of the appeal of coming to the spa was the thrill of getting rubbed down by these European versions of Ken and Barbie. Frieda was a blonde bombshell with the Preteen Nude figure of a swimsuit model like in the annual Sports Illustrated issue I always stole from my dad's desk and jerked off to. Gerta was brunette with high cheeks, bulging tits and a beautiful smile. Peter looked like a body builder on Bowflex infomercials. "Choose Gerta," whispered Karl in my ear. "So who is ready for a massage?" Frieda asked. "I am!" said Karl as he jumped up and walked unabashedly naked out of the salt bath and started rinsing off in the adjacent shower. "Who wants to go wiz me?" Peter asked. I looked at John and John looked at me. Neither of us answered. I really wanted Gerta, like Karl had suggested, but I didn't want to stick John with the guy. It was really awkward and I could see John was feeling it too. "I will," John said raising his hand as if he were volunteering for lunch line duty at school. He stepped out of the salt pool with one hand on the railing and other hand covering his young privates. I smiled at Gerta as soon as John's cute little butt cleared out of the way. "Guess you're stuck wiz me," I said. Gerta smiled widely, turned seductively sideways and looked at me over her slender shoulder. She had perfect posture. My mom was way into posture and always told me to stop slouching. Gerta was definitely not a sloucher. I was getting a boner and realized I had to come out of the water any minute and was going to have a problem. "Very good, come on zen young man. What is your name?" "Uhh, uhh," I honestly could not think of my own name, "David." I knew I was staring at her perfect rack accented by her protruding nipples beneath the white, knit blouse with the hotel crest on it. But, I couldn't stop looking no matter how I tried. She smiled and walked toward the mirrored sliding doors at the front end of the bath house. The other two massage givers followed, thankfully, and they opened up the doors. Inside, they folded back accordion rice panels to expose three massage tables. As soon as they all had their backs turned I sprang from the water and tugged on the shower knob. Karl and John both laughed at my fully hard boner. "Looks Preteen Nude like your tail is excited for ze massage. I better ask Gerta to give you ze spezialle treatment," he joked. I blushed and turned away. We shut the showers off simultaneously and grabbed towels. I wrapped mine tight to press my boner against my belly after I dried off. Gerta was on the left side table, Peter was in the middle, and Frieda was on the far right side. We moved to our designated tables and I watched to see what Karl did. He peeled off his towel and handed it to Frieda then hopped up onto the linen covered massage table lying face down with his hands to his sides, palms up. Frieda folded the towel down and laid it over his butt cheeks, but it barely covered them. John pulled his towel off and gave it to Peter. I looked at Gerta with dismay and she smiled, reached out and snatched my towel off my waist, allowing my rock hard boner to spring away from my belly. I quickly jumped onto the table, turned my head away from Gerta in embarrassment. I looked towards the others who were already getting their necks and shoulders rubbed and kneaded. I felt the heat in my face from blushing and wished I had more control over my stupid dick. "So, Gerta, Ich glaube David moechte eine spezialle massage, okay?" said Karl smiling. "Ich auch, eigentlich." He said glancing as best he could at Frieda. "Und John?" asked Peter. "Ja, ich glau
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